INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL INSURANCE For Australians while travelling, living or working abroad.

We can help advise on the type and level of Expat healthcare Insurance required based on your personal circumstances to ensure you are completely covered.

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International Health Insurance for Expats Working and Living overseas

What is Australian Expat Insurance

Medical and Emergency Evacuation Expenses insurance for a person living overseas or abroad, who is commonly termed an expat or expatriate.


As a foreign national you and your family may not be covered by free healthcare within the country you are working or living. International medical treatment costs in other countries can be very expensive with many charging upfront in order to treat you. Medical costs overseas can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Obtaining medical treatment in another country can be difficult, not all specialist services are available or at the standard we as used to in Australia. Medical evacuation may be required if services are unavailable.


Urgent or complex treatment may require immediate return to Australia for appropriate care, Emergency evacuation costs are very expensive; Medical evacuation from Indonesia to Singapore or Australia for appropriate treatment can cost between $15,715 and $94,289.

What is the difference between International Health Insurance and Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is designed for those holidaying and provides protections against events such as loss of luggage and flight cancellations. Medical treatment is provided although is limited to an emergency situation aimed at getting you well enough to get back home to Australia.

International Health Insurance is comprehensive cover for Medical treatment expenses for those living in another country. It covers the costs of treatment to get you well to continue your time abroad.


How we help

Our company offers insurance polices designed for all industries, worldwide

100% of hospital expenses

International Expat policies provide cover for the total cost of hospital expenses to the limit you elect on the policy. You will even be covered for 50% of the expenses for elective surgery following an accident.

100% of Maternity and Pregnancy

Having a baby while living overseas can be stressful, our policies Include the cost delivery, post natal and follow-up related to post birth complications, up to the policy limit.

100% of non - hospital expenses

Medical cover is not limited to hospital care as it includes the cost of doctors, imagery, laboratory cost, day surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Dental, optical and ancillary services

You will be entitled to part reimbursement toward a variety of routine and non-emergency services such as dental check-ups.

What about my personal safety while living abroad

We can offer policies to Australian Expats that covers the cost of evacuation to the nearest place of safety should the country you are in becomes unsafe


Threats such as war, rebellion, civil unrest or political instability which make the country unsafe for Australians.


Natural occurrences such as earthquakes, cyclone, hurricanes flooding or volcanic eruption.


The costs of evacuation to nearest place of safe are generally covered as is the cost of return of Australia if necessary.


The cost of accommodation are typically also be covered should you need to be evacuated.

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