Medical Expenses and Insurance

One of the many advantages of working abroad is being paid a good wage, although if you or your family are injured or become ill, the medical cost can be substantial.

Australia does have reciprocal health agreements with some other countries such as New Zealand, the UK, Italy and Sweden. Other countries do not and will charge you a lot, often up front, in order to treat you. The costs can mount up quickly.

Treatment in the United Sates

Medical treatment in the USA can be very expensive and leave you with a substantial bill:

Source: International Federation of Health Plans Comparative Price Report

Cost Per Hospital Day

Each day spent in an American hospital costs on average $5,500.


Having your appendix removed in a common procedure although it costs $17,700 on average to perform when including hospital and doctor fees.

Child Birth

A Normal uncomplicated natural delivery costs $9,775 where as a C-Sections averages $19,240.

Bypass Surgery

A serious heart condition requiring urgent bypass surgery cost on average $102,000.

You do not want to have to take out a second mortgage on your home to pay for your medical bills.

What's covered

International Medical cover for Australian Expats include Hospital In-patient, General Medical, Dental, Optical well as Pregnancy and Childbirth covers. Subject to the limits selected and the policy limits.

You will be provided with an Assistance Service Card from the Insurer's specialist assistance service company, which has important information such as their toll free number for medical emergency or evacuation service.

These services operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Returning home and Medical Expenses Insurance

Australians who are living overseas may be entitled to use Medicare on trips back to Australia for up to 5 years after initially leaving the country dependent on their tax status.

After 5 years, expats may not be entitled to free medical treatment while visiting Australia, therefore we can obtain quotes for your Medical cover in these circumstances.

We can arrange the cover to suit your needs at an affordable premium.